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    1 ~ Forum Usage

    This forum is open to all players for free. Select content is available to registered users only. By registering for a forum account, users agree to abide by the rules set forth below. The staff members of administer and moderate the forum.

    1a ~ Communications with users
    Staff members of usually communicate with users via forum PM, and occasionally via email. Users may set options regarding email communications in the User CP. Please keep yer email address current; Admin reserves the right to temporarily ban any account whose emails bounce back until such time as the user updates the email address with Admin.

    1b ~ Rule changes
    The Administrators of are allowed to change the forum rules any time without notice and/or special advertising. Any user who does not agree with the changes is free to leave the forum and/or delete their account.

    1c ~ One forum account permitted per user
    Creating multiple accounts will result in banning or deletion of the multi(s) as well as possible infraction on the original account. Accessing an account that does not belong to you is grounds for permanent banning or deletion of your forum account.

    1d ~ English is the only language allowed

    All members of the forums are expected to be able to read and write in English. All posts must be written in English so that they may be understood by all forum members, including the forum staff, who are responsible for monitoring the content of the forum.

    2 ~ Forum Moderation

    The Moderators are responsible for keeping the forum rules and ensuring polite discussions. Users who don't heed the rules will be punished (3a). Forum staff are not here to be abused as a result of them doing their job. A Moderator’s decision is not to be openly questioned, but polite discussion with the Moderator via private message as to the reasoning behind their decision is permitted. Users do not have the right to flame, insult or argue with the Moderator either publicly or privately - such behaviour may result in a permanent ban. The Moderator is not obligated to reverse the decision made.

    Any user who feels the Moderator has acted improperly and has already discussed the matter with the Moderator without resolution may contact the Forum Admin. The Forum Admin's decision will be final.

    Moderators and Administrators are not obligated to answer questions, this is done voluntarily as a courtesy.

    2a ~ Post Reporting Function
    Users are provided with a reporting function. This function is to be used to report any post that breaks these rules to the Forum Moderators. Abuse of this function will result in Infractions being given to the user making the report. Reports made in good faith that are subsequently determined to not violate these rules will not receive an Infraction. Moderators are not required to agree with the reporter's assessment of the reported post.

    2b ~ Deputies (backseat Mods) are not tolerated

    Only the moderators are responsible for the order of the forum. If you dislike something or see something which violates the rules, please report it using the Post Reporting function. "Deputies" who are doing nothing but showing the rules or making comments like "close please", are not tolerated.

    Only the thread starter may ask for closing, editing, deleting, or moving the thread. Being a deputy only applies to publicly threatening or requesting bans, deletion, or any other act of moderating. Using the Post Reporting function is the acceptable method of privately notifying Moderators that action may be needed.

    2c ~ Automatic censor
    This forum uses an automatic censor to filter out profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, sexual content, and certain politically sensitive terms disallowed by Travian HQ in Germany. The forum staff may periodically review and adjust the list of filtered words.

    Words the censor removes are replaced with a special character for each letter of the removed word. No penalty is applied to users whose posts are auto-censored. However, using alternative characters or misspellings to bypass the censor is not permitted.

    3 ~ Penalties

    3a ~ Users who violate the rules will be subject to one or more of the following actions:
    • Post/thread modification or deletion.
    • Warning given; an official warning is logged by the system and a private message sent to the user.
    • Infraction given; this system works like demerit points, if you have too many, you will find yourself banned for 1 day up to 2 years depending on the amount of infractions and amount of points you have. Infractions are logged by the system and a private message is sent to the user.
    • Reputation reduction; used in rare cases by Admin.
    • Post count reduction; used by Admin in cases of habitual spamming/post count padding.
    • User banned; you cannot post using your account and certain areas or features of the forum may be unavailable to you. You may or may not receive a separate message about your ban, depending on the type of and/or reason for the ban.
    • IP ban; you can’t post from your IP
    • In-game penalty; If you can’t behave, evade punishments etc., we can and will give you an in-game penalty.

    3b ~ Ban evasion
    If the admonished player creates another account to evade the ban, it may be banned or deleted without notification and the length of the ban on the original account may be increased. Anyone found to be posting FOR a banned user or allowing a banned user access to their account will be subject to punishment, and the banned user's ban will be extended.

    4 ~ Behaviour

    4a ~ No personal insults/be civil
    The forum is used by the players for public interchange and to help each other, and all users should feel welcome here. Therefore civil behaviour is required. While a certain amount of lighthearted "trash talk" is to be expected with a war game, personal insults are not tolerated. This is a game - it's not meant to get personal!

    Examples: Saying "You couldn't time an attack to save your life." is not considered insulting. Saying "If you got off that fat behind, you might land your attacks on time." would be a personal insult. See the difference? If not, talk to a Mod or Admin for clarification.

    4b ~ Inappropriate language is not allowed
    Obviously, the censor can only do so much to keep the forum clean and friendly for all ages. Therefore, Moderators keep an eye out for language deemed inappropriate for the forum audience, such as sexual innuendo, vulgar or crude terms not covered by the censor, racism, hate speech, and language used in an inappropriate context. These things may be edited or deleted and the user posting it punished (3a). Accounts with inappropriate usernames may be deleted by Admin without notice.

    4c ~ No discussion about rule or law breaking
    It is impermissible to discuss situations that break the game rules, forum rules, IRC rules and laws. Empowering or encouraging others to do so is also not allowed.

    4d ~ Denouncing other players not permitted
    The same applies for "calling out" and sedition against alliances or players. So called "howling topics" or lighthearted "trash talk" are tolerated as long as the writer heeds the forum rules, 4a in particular.

    4e ~ Impersonation
    Users many not create accounts whose names could mislead forum users into thinking that you are an official person when you are not. Such examples are TravAdmin, SupaMod or BanBot. This rule also extends to user accounts which attempt to advertise, for example; Microsoft, McDonald's or Jagex.

    4f ~ Reputation System
    The reputation system is available for users to give points and comments for posts they agree with, enjoy, or otherwise think are deserving of a little recognition.

    While letting someone know in your reply that you've given them rep is great (usually a "+rep" remark), posting solely for the purpose of letting them know you gave them rep is considered spam and will be deleted.

    The practice of 'rep begging' is not permitted. Posts asking for rep will be edited or deleted as necessary.

    The ability to give 'negative rep' is limited to Admins and is used very rarely in disciplinary actions.

    5~ Posting Rules

    Please note that certain sections of the forum have their own special rules and/or policies. These are contained in "sticky" threads in those sections. Users are responsible for reading those threads before posting there.

    Posts are expected to be relevant and to add something to the discussion. Posts like "me too" and "I agree" do not add to the discussion, and will be handled as spam.

    5a ~ Threads should be posted in the correct forum
    Before you post a thread, please have a look if you have chosen the right forum. Otherwise the thread will be moved or closed.

    5b ~ Cross postings, double posting, thread bumping, and multiple threads
    Posting a topic in several forums ("cross posting") is not allowed, except for announcements by forum staff. Cross posts will be deleted.

    The users are obliged to edit their postings to avoid posting more than once in a row ("double posting").

    Users may not "bump" threads back to the top of the listings. Bumping is defined as posting to the thread for the purpose of getting it back to the top of the list.

    Do not open a new thread with the same topic and/or content when a Moderator has closed the old one.

    5c ~ Use the search to avoid same-topic threads
    There is a search function in this forum. Use it before you post a new question, idea or topic. If a thread with your topic already exists, post in that thread and do not open a new one.

    5d ~ Posting of village and player names
    (not in battle reports)
    In-game player and village names may be posted on the forums; however they must not be used to unfairly target players (see 4d), be used in a derogatory manner, or be used to impersonate another player. The forum staff has the final say in what names are and are not allowed to be posted on the forums.

    5e ~ Battle reports
    Non-World Wonder battle reports may be posted two ways:

    1. Full reports: You must have proof the other party gave you permission to post that report (current/archived In-Game Message or screenshot of IGM giving consent with the URL visible in the address bar). You should retain that proof until the end of the round.

    If someone posts a report involving your account that you didn't give permission for, you may request the report be removed by using the Report Post function for that post and stating so in the 'reason' message. If the user who posted the report cannot supply the required proof, the user is in violation of both in-game rules and forum rules, and will be dealt with accordingly.

    2. Anonymous reports: no permission required. All account/village info that is not yours must be removed from the report, leaving only the report converter's XXX vs YYY-type replacements - this does NOT mean you can put fake names in. Conquering reports must have the village name removed from the information line. Do not put anything else there but the characters used by the converter. Nothing that might identify the players involved may be posted in connection with the report. If you want to identify people, go get their consent and post the full report!

    World Wonder battle reports
    may be posted as above, with the exception that the DEFENSE NUMBERS MUST BE REMOVED from the report and must not be hinted at in related posts.

    5f ~ Special Colours, Fonts and BB codes
    Excessive usage of colours, capitalization and spaces between words are not tolerated.

    The use of excessive white text is not allowed. Red text is also not allowed in posts, signatures or Avatars unless placed there by a Moderator/Administrator. The Community Manager and Forum Admin also reserve certain colours for their exclusive posting use (currently purple for Community Manager and teal for Forum Admin).

    Custom BB codes exist for the exclusive use of staff, including those that set the Community Manager and Admins' posting colours and fonts, and those that place Moderator, Forum Admin or Community Manager comment boxes in posts. Use of these codes by people for whom they were not intended is prohibited and is punishable by an immediate ban.

    5g ~ Avatars and signatures
    The maximum size for an avatar is 100x100 pixels (max 25kb upload), still images only. Animated avatar rights may be awarded to some users as prizes for contests, etc. Animations deemed by staff to be an excessive distraction or in violation of forum netiquette may earn the user a warning or removal of said avatar by staff.

    Signatures may be a total of ten lines in height (10 lines @ 20 pixels per line at default size = 200 pixels max height). This includes all text, blank lines, quote boxes, and images (maximum image width is 500 pixels, still images only). Please note that an empty quote box is 3 lines high. "Originally posted by" adds 1 line to that, plus the number of quoted lines. Quotes are not required to be placed inside quote boxes if you wish to conserve space.

    Avatars and signatures are judged by moderators and administrators. Users with images in violation of these rules or forum netiquette may be asked to remove or change them, or staff may delete them without additional notice.

    6~ Forbidden Content

    6a ~ Advertisements, spam, adult content, etc. are strictly forbidden
    Exaggerated or commercial advertisements, spam, por.nography, cheats, warez, violent, disgusting, graphic or adult pictures, serious insults, inflammatory statements against persons or companies, radical political or inhuman posts or any other things or statements which are illegal by law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Commonwealth of Australia and Realm of New Zealand are not tolerated and will be punished (3a). The staff members of reserve the right to pursue further legal steps and are the final arbiters of acceptable content.

    6b ~ No non-TravianGames referral links
    Any referral link to any browser based game not owned by TravianGames will result in the immediate removal of the post and punishment of the user (3a).

    6c ~ Messages and chats cannot be posted without permission
    The content of Private Messages (PMs), In Game Messages (IGMs) and other private conversations (IRC, MSN...) are not allowed to be posted in the forum without the permission of all parties involved. Such action can result in an immediate and permanent ban of your forum account and an in-game penalty can be imposed. The copyright law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the whole forum.

    In order to record that permission to post has been given by all authors involved in one of the above items, each author must send a private message to both a section Moderator and the Forum Admin giving permission for the text to be posted before the post is made.

    In the case of harassment/defamation or any other abuse transmitted via Private Message, this must be sent to the Forum Administrator by private message. Transmission of PM's to substantiate any other claim is summarily forbidden.

    6d ~ Bans are not to be discussed on the forum
    This includes game, forum and IRC bans. Any questions or comments related to bans and/or MH actions must be privately discussed with the appropriate member of staff.

    6e ~ Posting of personal information
    The posting of personally identifying information, such as real name, home address, workplace address, email address, or any phone numbers is strictly prohibited. You may post your own username for things like Skype, however we do not recommend doing so if the username contains your real name.

    6f ~ Parental consent is required to post pictures of anyone under 16 years old
    Consent must be sent to the Community Manager (, who will forward a copy to the Forum Admin.

    7 ~ Staff

    7a ~ The Moderators may:
    - Move a thread into another forum without leaving a shadow topic or notice in the old forum
    - Edit threads and posts
    - Merge posts
    - Remove posts
    - Change thread titles
    - Close threads
    - Apply warnings and infraction points to users when they don’t abide by the rules
    - Any other actions to regulate the forum to normal use

    7b ~ The Administrators may –in addition to the above:
    - Define forum rules and regulations
    - Overrule any decision made by a moderator
    - Administer moderator access
    - Open/close forums and categories
    - Create/delete forums and categories
    - Turn the board on and off at their discretion
    - Take actions deemed necessary to maintain and regulate the forum for normal use.

    7c ~ The forum staff reserves the right to delete individual messages, posts and threads without stating reasons or giving notice

    7d ~ Issues with forum staff members
    If there is an issue with any forum staff member, users are free to seek assistance of the Forum Admin about their issue. The Admin's decision is final and cannot be be overruled by any moderator. Please make sure to give enough detail and arguments as to why the staff member was not correct in his or her actions.
    *Staff will aim to be fair and transparent in their dealings with infracted/banned users.[/B] If you have a complaint or question about a moderator’s decision, then first contact that Moderator, then a Super Moderator. If you still cannot resolve the situation you may also contact the Forum Administrator at any time. If there is no Moderator listed for the section you have an issue in, please contact the Forum Administrator or a Super Moderator. The only person able to ask for transparency is the user directly affected by the Moderators action/decision.

    *Under no circumstances should you post in a thread or create a new thread to resolve the situation.

    *Redress of Grievances
    • Staff will aim to be fair and transparent in their dealings with infracted/banned users.[/B] If you have a complaint or question about a moderator’s decision, then first contact that Moderator, then a Super Moderator. If you still cannot resolve the situation you may also contact the Forum Administrator at any time. If there is no Moderator listed for the section you have an issue in, please contact the Forum Administrator or a Super Moderator. The only person able to ask for transparency is the user directly affected by the Moderators action/decision.
    • Under no circumstances should you post in a thread or create a new thread to resolve the situation.
    • The proper procedure for redress of Grievances is:
      1. Moderator
      2. Super Moderator
      3. Forum Administrator
      4. Community Manager
      5. Senior Community manger " Email - "

    This procedure should be followed at all times to ensure proper attention is given to your concern or problem and allow us to solve the case with the best possible time.

    A current list of forum staff members can be found here
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