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Thread: Oases vs Natars

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    Oases vs Natars

    Dear players!

    We invite you to take part in this small poll about the game.

    Question: What is better option for the player on early stages of the game if he needs some extra resources?

    - Raid unoccupied oases
    - Attack independent Natar villages

    Please, leave your comments in the thread. What would be your choice? Maybe itís worth doing something completely different?

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    In early stages , Unoccupied oasis gives more resources . IF travian can put resources in natars village without natarian troops . that would be a better option .

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    There are no independent natar villages early game. So right now oases is the only choice. The inactive villages are taken by natars, so these villages are nothing but farms already. I suggest, some natar villages should already be there in the beginning of the server depending on the total registered players on the server. Then natar villages become an option for raiding besides unoccupied oases.

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    In early stage of game, raiding Natar can be the best for extra resources if they exist...

    With limited choice, one have to go for unoccupied oasis and inactive players for raiding.

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    well both are essential for completing tasks of the day so both are important but yeah raiding oases needs to be cleared 1st and it poses a challenge ... thats better

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    early on in the game oases ofcourse all the way
    its only in the mid game natars become a good source of farm income
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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    Extra resourse for smart player oasis for noobs like me ..natars.. not to forger both help jn getting daily reward
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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    Re: Oasis vs natars
    Ofcourse unoccupied oasis helps better to retrieve resources n also earn experience if u could put some extra resource in natars village that will work.

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    ahhh i remember the time when t4 was just implemented.. those juicy oases, small number of animals respawned and long respawn time. seemed like a paradise patch for gauls cheap farming/defending troop

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    IMO farming oasis in early game because why not

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    Now the oasis respawn rates are crazy fast and inconsitant. It's a bit risky to farm them after the initial clear/empty. Even if you manual raid instead of farmlists they still often respawn on you. If you have the gold to burn on cages early on there is a decent profit to be made though.

    If someone happens to delete and leave behind a natar village make sure to chuck 2 troops on a farmlists. The production is going to be low but it doesn't usually build troops that early either.

    These days I can't even capture an oasis without it's troops respawning on me at least 2 times.

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