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Thread: Rise of Alliances features on regular servers

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    Rise of Alliances features on regular servers

    Dear Community,
    We know you are super curious to know which one is the fake news out of our April' Fool, but let’s play this a bit differently. Along the year we will reveal small pieces, because we'd like you to focus on a specific topic time after time. And today we will tell you which is the first thing coming.

    We are almost ready to release the Rise of Alliances donation system and defense point distribution to the new normal server, but before doing this we’d like to get some deeper feedback from you.

    So please, vote on this poll and comment in the thread discussion thread with your detailed feedbacks, and ask also your friends to do so, the more voice we hear the easier will be for us to decide wisely how to further develop the game and which features to implement.

    Your Travian team

    Link to the discussion and poll thread: Link

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Rise of Alliances features on regular servers

    Dear community,
    We want to thank you deeply for participating in the poll about the Defense Point System and Alliance Donation System. Many of you participate into the poll and expressed their vote and we are glad that you did. We have reviewed all votes and comments worldwide and we want to share the results of it with you. As you can see from the graphs below, both options are welcomed by the international community and therefore they will be added to regular worlds (though not at once).

    What will happen now?
    The Game Center is checking the plan for the new server opening and they will prepare an official statement with the date from when these 2 features will be implemented on the future regular servers (not on the already running servers).

    More information coming soon. Thank you once again!
    Your Travian Team

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