Dear players,

In the upcoming release we have fixed a bug in the new pushing protection of ‘Rise of Alliances’ that caused accounts with no connection to your account to be excluded.

This was never intended for RoA servers and was fixed as follows:

  • - of each village you can now rob/trade max. 20% of its daily production

Additional information:

The amount of resources that can be sent per village will be reset once a day, at the same time as the daily quests. The daily production is also updated at that time.

The pushing protection is based on the daily production of a village. Please keep in mind that you now may get an error message when trying to send resources from one village, while you may still be able to send resources from a different village.
Therefore, we strongly recommend thinking about your current strategy before the next RoA update, as otherwise you might no longer be able to feed your troops just by raiding.


Your Travian: Legends Team